About Me

Dwight Patel is an Architect and IT Guru as well as an 2nd Vice-Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee(2012 - 2016)1st Vice-Chairman 2017-present.  Since his high school days, he has been active in Republican/Conservative politics. During the last election cycle, he was responsible for putting together the MCGOP sample ballot. Over 30,000 such ballots were distributed in Montgomery County. He also was responsible for putting together the largest 72 Hour GOTV campaign kickoff. Had the who’s who of MD Politics.


He has served on several key committees with the MCGOP. He served as Tech Committee Chairman which spearheaded the new website redesign, moved towards SharePoint for cloud based document sharing, and updating the computer hardware at the MCGOP office. He has also served on the Communication Committee, Lincoln Day, Reagan Day , County Convention and Finance committee. He was also on the MCGOP Golf Committee where he and other Golf Committee members pulled off two very successful Golf Tournaments and dinners. As a candidate for State Senate in MD-15 in 2010, he earned the largest percent of vote of any Republican running in Montgomery County. Those who know Dwight knows he loves promotional products. Tchotchkes are just a small part of the overall promotions game. In Montgomery County in 2012, we had everything from Romney-Ryan Shirts to lapel pins and buttons. You may have seen some of our bold, red Maryland for Romney-Ryan signs around our county and state. We produced over 10,000 Maryland for Romney-Ryan pieces including signs, literature, buttons and lapel pins. If you were a delegate to the Convention in Tampa, you would have received one of our blue Maryland for Romney Lapel Pins and Buttons that he created.


He plans to be just as active with the 2014 Gubernatorial race as well. He thinks we need to do a sample ballot in all 23 counties. We need to be there to hand out our ballots on Election Day. The Democrats are there every year handing out those disgusting apple ballots. We need to work as one lean machine and turn on a dime. He feels if counties don’t have resources to do a sample ballot on their own it is up to the State Party and the more affluent counties to help those counties out. We should speak with ONE CONSERVATIVE VOICE. That means saying the same thing in Cumberland, Ocean City, and Bethesda, Maryland. One Voice!


His philosophy is simple: Conservatism Works. Every single time we run a Conservative, the Conservative wins. When we run moderates, we LOSE big. In 1990, Bill Shepherd ran as a Bob Dole-moderate. Running with his wife as Lieutenant Governor, we got our heads handed to us. In 1994, Ellen Saurbrey ran as a Conservative, and the election had to be stolen away from her. President Ronald Reagan destroyed Jimmy Carter nationally in 1980. Four years later, he carried 49 of the 50 states winning re-election against Walter Mondale. In 1988, President Bush ran as a Conservative and beat liberal Mike Dukakis.

President Bush broke his pledge, he went down the road of moderation, and got defeated by Bill Clinton. We need to run as CONSERVATIVES with bold ideas. We can’t be Democrats Lite and run as pale imitations of Democrats. The GOP is the party of new innovative ideas. We were born from the abolitionist movement, because we had that crazy idea that all men should be FREE!!!!


Dwight has a MA in Architecture from the University of Maryland and BA in International Affairs from George Washington University with a specialty in Central European and Middle Eastern Security.