Four Blazers in Cleveland

Montgomery County At-Large Delegates' Shared Background One of the highlights of this year's MDGOP spring convention in Annapolis was the election of the state's At-Large Delegates and Alternate At-Large Delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention. And here's a unique factoid about our Montgomery County delegates:  Dwight Patel, Marcus Alzona, Alirio Martinez Jr. and Mary Bourke Russell are all graduates of Montgomery Blair High School.


This is the first time in recent memory that four Blair Blazers have gone to a national party convention. And since the school's high-profile alumni list already includes Goldie Hawn, Ben Stein and Matt Drudge, our Blair Blazers will be adding to Montgomery Blair's tradition of accomplished graduates by participating in the historic proceedings that mark the 160th GOP convention in Cleveland next month.

Almost Ready to Hit The Road to Cleveland


One week from today I will be hitting the road to Cleveland, Ohio. So, here is a list of things I need to do before I roll out:


1. I need to have the car checked out for safety reasons, especially since it's still under dealer warranty, right?


2. I need to make a list on stops along the way. I am planning on stopping to visit Falling Water outside of Pittsburgh, a nice home designed by the second greatest architect of the 20th century. If anyone has suggestions placed to have lunch or a snack. Please tweet me at @DwightNation #RoadToCleveland

Remote road at dusk

And We're Off . . .

Made the 6 hour or so drive to Cleveland, Ohio.  No major issues – Dosed off only a few times, but with that said, I made it in one piece.

My GPS took me the scenic route via Youngstown, Ohio, a great looking old rustbelt town that fell on hard times under Obamanomics.

However, the historic architecture is still intact.  This was a great little swing through a piece of vintage Americana.  If we don't elect Trump, I fear that

America will look like Youngstown.

In Cleveland, Ohio

Saturday, July 16th was Day One in Cleveland, Ohio. Went around town earlier in the day to do some exploration of the city Of Cleveland, which is a town rich in art deco architecture. Went down to Lake Erie, saw some cool stuff. Last night we spent time at the Bacon and Beer Classic reception for the media. Saw many Fox News celebrities such as Steve Doocy, Peter Doocy, Sean Hannity and Frank Luntz. Also saw Omarosa from Season One of “The Apprentice.”

However the most fun was running into Carl Bernstein, “MSLSD” regular of Watergate fame. I had the opportunity to ask him, “Don’t you think you should be apologizing to President Nixon?” His response was that Nixon was a criminal, Hillary is just a crook and Obama isn’t a crook.

This afternoon we are heading to the red carpet for Dinesh D’Souza’s screening of the Hillary movie. And later this evening, we’re going to the welcome reception at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.